Truck Accident Attorney

truck_accident_attorney.jpgWe as lawyers at Anderson Law understand the devastation that can and usually does result from being involved in any degree of truck accident. Anderson Law is dedicated to helping you and your family recover from this unexpected event in your life. There are so many things that you must attend to; medical bills, medical visits, loss of work, pain, neurological issues, loss of income, family issues, potentially funeral arrangements and so much more. The last thing you need to be concerned with is dealing with the legal ramifications and the insurance companies involved in this accident.

Anderson Law and its' lawyers are dedicated to helping people just like you that have been injured as the result of a truck accident. If you feel you need help with the legal issues regarding your accident feel free to contact Anderson Law today for a free consultation.

Recoverable Losses

If you have been in a truck accident you may be eligible to receive compensation for many losses including:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Lost wages,
  • Property damage.

Anderson Law can help you prove these losses by using expert witnesses as necessary, ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation available. Lawyers at Anderson Law have experience working with Insurance companies and know how to best pursue and obtain compensation.